Tag: Administration

  • Initializing a new instance of Linux

    After a fresh install of Linux, there are a number of tasks I like to do. I like having commands and aliases that I am used to installed. Copy /opt/scripts Create /opt/sw /opt/scripts/stopUnusedServices.sh set up MySQL Install WebMin and VirtualMin for managing your domain names and their.

  • Starting a user’s VNC server automatically on Linux

    On some Linux systems, it can be advantageous for users to have a way to login to a console. Unfortunately, if they do not have physical access to the machine, there needs to be a way to do it remotely. Fortunately on Linux, there is Virtual Network Computing (VNC). VNC can be set up as […]

  • Auto commit for MySQL databases

    In corporate database systems, it is generally preferred to build transaction stacks. This allows for having multiple database statements run and be finally committed if everything is ok. In MySQL, auto commit is on by default; which means that every statement is instantly committed. To check the value of auto commit, run the following MySQL […]

  • Error in /etc/fstab stopping Linux boot

    In Linux, there are times when you need to edit your /etc/fstab file to add a new disk. Sometimes, you may accidentally edit the wrong information which will cause Linux to not boot. Usually though, Linux plays nice and boots to a command prompt. Unfortunately, you are now booted into a read-only filesystem so you […]