QEMU seems to make Windows read-only

The Problem:

The server is acting all weird, thought i might raise a flag to you:
– after you said you attached the larger drive/partition, nothing changed
– when i logged on as administrator tonight, it acted like ive never logged on before
– the profile is fucked up somehow; i dont have any icons, no quick launch, none of the items i installed, etc.
– for some weird reason, i can’t download any files using a web browser when on the server.  i also cannot ftp any files to the server.  when i use ie to download an attachment from gmail for example, it can’t do it.  when i tried to download firefox, i also got an error about contacting the server.  very weird.  also, with full permissions, and full write access, i am unable to write any files to the server via ftp either.  me = confused.

Did you refresh the instance or something like that?

The Solution:

In this instance, a new virtual drive was added to a Windows 2003 Server running under a QEMU virtual machine on Linux. QEMU most likely has the virtual instance locked read-only because the new virtual drive has not been allowed to initialize itself under Windows. This stops Windows from being able to write to any file.

In this case the problem was resolved by forcing a power down on the instance. Then under the setting for the virtual machine on the Hardware tab, check that the new drive is in the list of hardware. If so, then start the instance. Log in as Administrator in Windows. Go to Control Panel – Administrative Tools – Computer Management. Once it opens, select Disk Management, and initialize and format the new drive.

If from above the new hardware is not in the list of Hardware Devices. Try reconnecting to the virtual disk you created, or just create a new virtual disk and attach it to the Windows instance.