Linux Remote Desktop Display

One very annoying thing about Linux’s Remote Desktop (rdesktop) command is that you rarely can get a good screen size when remotely connecting to a Windows machine. It’s either too long and you have to always scroll, or worse yet, you are looking at an 800×600 view of your remote desktop.

Fortunately, the Linux crew has thought of a consistent way to get around this issue. You can tell rdesktop to run in full-screen mode initially. This is a terrific way to automatically get a desktop that fits your monitor’s screen size from the get go. To run in full-screen mode, run the following command –>

>rdesktop -f MyMachine

That’s it! You will have a screen that is fully sized to your monitor. One other thing – To break out of full screen mode, press Ctrl-Alt-Enter. Press Ctrl-Alt-Enter again to return to full-screen mode once again.