Enabling Apache support for pretty permalinks in WordPress

In WordPress, there is a feature called PermaLinks. These create URL’s that are better searched by Google. So instead of getting a URL like http://example.com?id=454, you get something like http://example.com/enabling-apache-support-for-pretty-permalinks-in-wordpress. Now the search engines will see a URL that they can parse for information, rather than an arbitrary number.

Enabling Apache support for what is known as address rewriting is accomplished by modifying your httpd.conf file. Open the file and look for the line that says:

<Directory “/var/www/html”>

In this section there will be a line:

AllowOverride None

Change this line to:

AllowOverride All

Save the httpd.conf file. Then restart Apache.

Now when you click, Enable Permalinks in WordPress, you will have a search engine friendly blog.