Changing the host name in IBM WAS

Many times in a virtual environment, it is advantageous to be able to change the host name. But if you have a virtual guest with IBM WAS installed, cloning the guest may result in the new guest being unable to stop the server, run CORBA properly, or gain access to your message queues within WAS. Therefore, you need to reset the host name for WAS.

To do this, go to the prompt. If you don’t know where is, run >locate Then change directory (cd) into the directory that locate returned. To start WAS admin, type the following commands (assuming your server is called server1 and the node is named oldMachineNameNode01):

./ -profile server1 -lang jacl

Once inside the WAS admin tool, run the following commands:

wsadmin>$AdminTask changeHostName { -nodeName oldMachineNameNode01 -hostName newwasVMmachineName };
wsadmin>$AdminConfig save

Restart WAS, and your new machine name should work fine.