Category: .NET

  • Upgrading to Reporting Services 2008 in Visual Studio 2010

    Upgrading to SQL Server Reporting Services 2008 requires a few changes in your Visual Studio 2010 projects. First you need to remove your old Reference to Microsoft Reporting.WebForms (Version Then add the Reference to the Microsoft.Reporting.WebForms for Version Right mouse-click on your project Reference like this –> If you use any embedded reports […]

  • Adding custom palettes to Dundas pie charts in .NET 3.5x

    One of the new features in Dundas 6.x and above, is the ability to create custom palettes of colors and apply them to pie charts. This way you no longer have to settle for Dundas’s default fluffy colors. In order to change the color palette, create a Color array and assign it to the series […]